•  11-09-2023 05:59 AM

As I handed my parking ticket to the valet attendant, my heart sank when I realized that I didn't have a cash with me to pay for the parking fee. He offered to pay for my parking fee and helped me load the stroller into the car and buckled the girls in their car seats. It was much more than the five-dollar parking fee to me; it was a reminder that God had not forgotten me and that He cared.

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20 Peso Bill
  •  16-06-2020 12:00 AM

A big man had tapped my shoulder as he walked past me and handed me a twenty-peso bill. The man told me to get a ride home. How did he know that I needed the money for a ride home? I would not normally accept a stranger's offer but that's what I exactly needed at that time - that is what I was praying for!

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